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Probing the Magnetic Structure of Atomically Thin Chromium Trihalide Using Magnetic Tunnel Junctions

发布日期:2020-01-07   点击量:

报告人:蔡星汉 上海交通大学 青年千人

时间:   181530

地点:  中心校区知新楼C1111房间

邀请人:陈延学  王以林


Recent discoveries of intrinsic layered ferromagnetism in insulating van der Waals crystals chromium trihalide (CrX3, X = Cl, Br or I) has created unprecedented opportunities for studying fundamental 2D magnetism and realizing novel functional devices. In this talk, I will discuss the magnetic structure of CrI3 and CrCl3 in the 2D limit by investigating the electron tunneling through their atomically thin flakes. I will demonstrate the intralayer ferromagnetic ordering and the layer-by-layer antiferromagnetic coupling in both CrI3 and CrCl3. The tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) in CrI3 based magnetic tunnel junction is drastically enhanced with increasing CrI3 layer thickness owing to the spin-filtering effect, reaching a record of 19,000% for magnetic multilayer structures at low temperature. For atomically thin CrCl3, the weak magnetic anisotropy with an easy plane perpendicular to the c-axis is determined and its magnetic phase diagram is further constructed. This work offers a unique platform and a new means to explore the 2D ferromagnetism and engineer vdW spintronic devices.

报告人简介:蔡星汉,2015年于美国马里兰大学物理系获得博士学位华夏彩票|手机app下载,其后进入华盛顿大学物理系任研究助理华夏彩票|手机app下载,于2018年起担任上海交通大学电子信息与电气工程学院副教授华夏彩票|手机app下载,博士生导师,数次入选国家及省部级人才计划。其主要从事低维量子体系磁电与光电特性及相关器件的研究,曾多次在Science, Nature Nanotechnology,Nature Physics等权威期刊发表论文华夏彩票|手机app下载,并担任Nature Communications等知名杂志的审稿人华夏彩票|手机app下载。

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